About me

How the magic began....

Hello, I'm Danielle and the maker/creator of Tinytinks which began in a little village called Rainford on the Lancashire border.

4 years ago, whilst working my regular 9-5 job I decided I needed a change in career and just didn't know where to start so I dusted my sewing machine off (I only knew the basics) and started making my little brother his very own doll. After lots of trial and error and a whole load of research, my first doll was made and the rest is history!

A little bit about Tinytinks - All dolls are handmade from start to finish by myself. Only the finest designer materials are used and each dolly is unique and one of a kind. I triple stitch all dolly limbs to ensure they can stand the test of time.

Do you believe in magic?

Tinytinks comes from a world filled with magic and make believe in a little village called Rainford (Its not as rainy as it sounds!)

Hidden away in woodland is a tiny house, where each tinytinks doll is created. Each one is handmade with designer fabrics and sparkle. With a dash of love and a sprinkle of magic each doll is brought to life. Tinytinks dolls are heirloom dolls made to love and cherish for a lifetime.

Want to know the biggest secret? Tinytinks dolls are not actually tiny! They each measure 18 inches tall and are the perfect size to give the best cuddles.

Our aim is to spark your child's imagination with their childhood companion. To dream big and to treasure those magical memories.